Australia is well known for its sports industry. Among the very many popular sports that can be found here are motorsports. There have been a lot of exciting events that have taken place most of which are good but some which are most unfortunate.

A Fitting Tribute

There have been many notable racers in Australia many of which are well remembered as much as the Euro 2020 venues. Perhaps one that stands out the most as a fitting tribute is that which was made to honour the South Australian racer who is well known as Kenny Blake. The tribute was one that was most fitting as it was a statue to commemorate Kenny and his achievements. The unveiling took place at Phillip Islands motor GP race day.

Keeping Up With the Latest Events

Most individuals live a busy lifestyle and don’t always have time to be able to keep up with the latest events that are taking place in the motorcycle world. Fortunately, there are many resources many of which are news media that go to great lengths to provide all the information and the latest events taking place in motorcycle racing. This allows fans to keep themselves abreast as to what is going on in this industry. Not only is this important for the spectators but also for those that like to participate in motorcycle racing betting.

Holiday Celebrations

Motorcycle riders are is into the Christmas season like everyone else. To make sure that they are going to stand out in the crowd some of them have opted for novel helmet covers that not only usher in the Christmas season but makes any bike rider stand out. However in order to be able to do this legally it was necessary to get the okay from law enforcement. The Santa Claus helmet novelty covers for the Christmas season vary but it is up to the rider themselves to make sure that there are no visual restrictions and that total safety is being adhered to no matter whether they are on or off the track.

A Close Call

Not all of the news that revolves around the motorcycle sport is good news. However in this instance it could have been much worse. This is in reference to Marc Marques’s shoulder injury which according to the medical professionals was much worse than what was realized. In fact, some have indicated that with this type of injury it should have stopped him from winning the world champion for the fifth motor GP this year. The shoulder dislocation was much worse than what was anticipated. Marc is very lucky not only to have become the winner of the race but to be able to have surgery that hopefully is going to bring the success of a full recovery.