Motorcycle competitions and racing are a significant part of the sports industry in Australia. In addition to this though there are also many other segments that make up the world of motorcycles.

Motorcycle Manufacturers

Without the manufacturers of motorcycles, there would be no sports related to this. All motorbike enthusiasts have their favourites among those who make the most well-known bikes. These companies have to hire a lot of different types of workers in order to get their products to market. Some of these employees stay in this industry during their lifetime while others move on to totally different types of employment where past experiences will be of value.

Some of the top motorcycle brands that are well recognised by bike owners are:

  • Harley Davidson
  • Yamaha
  • BMW
  • Kawasaki

Motorcycle Racing Clubs

With motorcycle racing being such an important sport in Australia it means that there are several different clubs that one can join. For those that want to compete in this sport, it is important to become a member of a club that is heavily involved in competitions. Although there are many, who enjoy motorcycle riding without being part of the competitive segment of it.

Jobs in the Motorcycle Racing Industry

Something that is often not recognised about the motorcycle racing industry is that it is one that opens up the doors for different types of employment outside of the manufacturing sector. Some of these are:

  • Motorcycle Mechanics: These positions can be open in the racing circuit as well as in the private business sector. Bikes often need repairing, and it takes someone that is appropriately trained in this to perform these services.
  • Retail Sector: Once the motorcycles are brought to market there have to be retail outlets that can provide the platform for their purchases. Within the retail industry, there are job positions like administrators right down to sale representatives.
  • Race Engine Technicians: On the racing circuit there is also a selection of jobs that can become available. These can range from the pit crew to the highly trained race technicians.

Professional Drivers

For those who have a great passion for motorcycles, it is not uncommon for many to aspire to become a professional motorcycle rider. When one gets to this level, they are no longer looking at bike riding as a hobby. Professional riders dedicate themselves full time to their profession. Their income is as a result of how successful they are at the races they participate in. They can also receive payment for endorsements of products. But, again this will depend on their success and popularity on the racing circuit.

Indirect Jobs

The racing circuit in Australia for motorcycles is also instrumental in providing other types of employment. It has to be remembered that the tracks used for this sport have to be maintained. It takes people to do this. Then there are the vendors who attend these events to make sure that spectators are going to have a good experience in food fare while watching their favourite sport.

When one looks at the different facets of the motorcycle industry, it is not difficult to tell how important this industry really is. It is not one that should be taken for granted. It should also be appreciated for the extra entertainment it can offer to those who enjoy betting on the competitions as this adds extra excitement to the sport.