Many parents want to encourage their children to enter into some sort of sport. For those young ones that take an interest in motorcycle racing, this can sometimes cause a little bit of concern for their parents. However, motorcycle racing can be as safe as any other sport if all of the proper procedures are put into place for keeping one safe and participating in this sport responsibly.


For everyone who would really like to enter into competitions, it means that they are going to have to join the proper organisations. The first thing is that they will have to learn that any competition they are participating in Australia is going to be run as per the manual of motorcycle sport. All individuals that are licenced to participate can get a copy of this publication that is provided every year. What this manual contains are the competition rules that must be followed by all those that are going to be participating.

The Motorcycle Australia (MA) Licence

There are various levels of licences that are open to the young ones that want to become involved in motorcycle competition. There is the seven to under 16-year-olds who can join a club and then complete a kickstart. This is at the junior national licence level. For those over 16, they will be required to have the senior national licence. It means joining a club in their local area and then looking at either getting a road bike licence or an approved day licence.

Junior Kickstart Programme

This is the programme that young ones will enter into if they want to get into competitive motorcycle racing. The standard protocol for getting into this sport for the young ones is to go through a five-step process. Which is comprised of:

  • Step one: Joining an affiliated Motorcycle Austalia club before making this decision they can go on a trial process where the young one can complete a five-hour coaching and writing test.
  • Step two: Is taking part in five hours of coaching and doing the road writing test and then joining the MA-affiliated club.
  • Step three: Is going to require the completion of a theory test.
  • Step four: The results of the writing and theory test are then added to the application form and fee.
  • Step five: Once you have got your licence you will receive a logbook and manual of the motorcycle sport, and you are ready to race.

Parent’s Confidence

As parents can see young ones are not able to get into motorcycle racing lightly without being taught the safety and responsibility that comes with it. Over and above this there is the attention that has to be given to the bike that is going to be ridden as well as the equipment. This combined with the training that the young one will be given helps to set the groundwork for a safe and rewarding sport that can be enjoyed for many years to come.

Rather than to try and dissuade a young one from getting into motorcycle racing, it is better for them to go through the official steps. The ones that are going to make sure that as they progress through their years with enthusiasm for this sport that they are doing so in the right way. All of this is important to both the young rider and their parents.